This site is dedicated to the Irish Goddess Aine.

Divine And Beautiful Aine
I Entreat You To Warm This Site 
With the Sunlight of Your Blessings
Inspiring Us to Shape the Words of Love
Eloquently, and with Heart-Deep Meaning
May All Who Visit Be Gifted To Be:
Healthy And Exultant
Wise in their Vows
Joyous in their Passions
Generous of Spirit
Tender in their Affections
Accepted by All Those They Love
No Matter What Faiths And Traditions
May Meet And Mingle
We Pray that All Will Gather on Common Ground
Recognizing the Universal Spirit of Love And Creation
To Share in the Human Rituals That Celebrate the Delights
In Choosing Those Who Will Become Our Family 
According to the Free Will of All
So Mote It Be