Handfasting Invitation Ideas

This page will contain sample invitation wordings and examples of what might go on inserts.

Sample Invitation Wordings

What we used for our medieval themed ceremony

Thy presence is hereby requested to
Witness the wedding ceremony of
Bryan Kilian
Laura Law
On June the twenty-third, 
in the year of two thousand and one
at five o'clock in the afternoon.
Feasting and Merriment to follow the ceremony.

Programs and Inserts

Here's the program we printed on parchment and tied up like scrolls with ribbon. We had my niece hand them out as people entered the grounds. Programs are not "required" by any means, but we thought it would help with the flow of things if people knew what to expect, and we didn't have to have ushers.

The Wedding of Bryan and Laura
June 23, 2001

We would like to give our deepest appreciation to the following people:
The Bridal Party: Best Woman and Best Man: Kris Millering and Gareth Kilian
Court Dressmaker and Man at Arms: Jennifer Evans and Storm Wilder
Officiant: Damiana
Our Parents: Peter and Valerie Kilian and Lorraine Law
Our Close Friends and Family: That is the rest of you!

Order of Ceremony

Declartion of Intentons (Vows)
Exchange of Rings
Celtic Handfasting Ritual
The Pronouncement
Wedding party receives people as they leave the ceremony area
Guests and wedding party proceed to feasting hall
1st Course and Entertainment
2nd Course and Entertainment
3rd Course and Entertainment
Wedding cake is served and guests have an opportunity to share their thoughts.

Fare Thee Well!