Handfasting Rituals

You will probably want to write your own ritual, to adapt it to your specific needs, beliefs, the composition of your audience, etc. But here is a collection of rituals that you can mine for ideas, or use as if, if you are so inclined. If you have one that you'd like shared here, place email it to me and I will include it.

Subtle Wedding/Handfasting

Written for Pagans who must of necessity be wed in the presence of the uninitiated who are not pagan and are perhaps unaware that the bride and groom are pagan.

Handfasting with Priest and Priestess

Traditional Handfasting

Best performed at the time of the new moon. From <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0877283486/wuzzle-20">A Book of Pagan Rituals</a> by Herman Slater.